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Unbelievable crowd engagement as a large 50" Monitor plays a continuous slideshow of all the action.. Our 360° Slow Motion Photo Booth is perfect way to increase brand awareness for your event via social media.

Both our 360° PRO & XL PRO Photo Booths provides almost instant brandable videos that are ready for sharing on all social platforms. We now also provide contactless sharing via posted QR codes.

360° at Corporate Event.

An incredible experience, our 360 XL PRO photo booth features a 4' wide platform that safely fits up to to 4 guests  

Custom branding of both our 360° Pro Slow Motion Photo Booths are available for greater brand or event awareness.

360° Branded
Branded Platform
Southwest Airlines
Branded 360 Platform
Custom 360 Photo Booth Platform

Our 360° Slow Motion Photo Booth is fantastic for conferences, trade shows, black tie galas and social parties.

360 Pro Photo Booth in Action

"In the course of my job as a owner of a International Event planning firm, I all too often have to write notes of complaints. Rarely do I get the chance to tell vendors that they have FAR exceeded my expectations. I am so happy to be writing that letter today. Both the staff, and the equipment and pictures were absolutely wonderful at our recent event in Denver as well as the multi day Corporate trade show in California. We claim to be the Easy button for our clients events. A Custom Look Photography was The Easy Button for MorEvents! We WILL work together again!"  Gareth Haymen, MorEvents, Denver, CO

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