Looking for a great dessert to wow your guests?  How about fresh mini donuts prepared on the spot?  A Custom Look will bring our equipment to your event or party and make fresh, hot mini-donuts. 

With our delicious mini-donuts you get 2 for 1, the guests are entertained by the action of our donut machine automatically making the mini-donuts and they get to enjoy the yummy taste and delightful aroma of the doughnuts  Your guests will be amazed.

Mini-donuts have been used as a departing snack at the end of a great party or event and as a unique trade show traffic builder. The wonderful smell of donuts being made is always irresistible,

Mini Donut  Machine in Action
Mini Donuts at Corporate Event

Serving size is typically 3 to 4 donuts and the standard toppings are powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, salted caramel and apple spice.  We even have a "Drunken Donut" option of maple bourbon, vanilla fireball, Chocolate Gran Marnier and White Chocolate Kahlua.

Donuts in a Boat Tray

Our new "Hot Donut Package" allows for the same great taste and experience. Donuts are prepared in advance and heated to perfection, on the spot. Perfect for events where on site cooking is not permitted by the venue. Same great taste without the mess!

Hot Donut Oven

We have provided our fresh mini donuts at weddings, mitzvah celebrations, grand openings, tailgate parties, community events and corporate parties. Contact us for details!

Donuts outside