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Helium Filled, Candy Balloons

Our Edible Candy Balloons are a fun, interactive experience, enjoyed by guests of all ages!

The on site-balloon chef will dazzle your guests to create one of the best interactive desserts ever! Our edible balloons can be flavored and colored to match your event theme.

Your guests will watch as our staff create an edible balloon seemingly out of thin air, and then laugh as they eat the rather delicious treat.

Our edible balloons are fully edible from start to finish, including the balloon sticks!

Holiday Party Setup
Guest reacting to her Edible Balloon

Our Edible Candy Balloons are gluten free with our straw stick options.

Double Edible Balloons

Our Edible Candy Balloons are perfect for social events, grand openings, holiday parties and corporate conferences.

Neon Sign

Rental rates starting at 2 hours $1995.

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