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The latest in brand activations; a portable printer that transfers tattoos directly onto your arm, leg, cheek or neck! 

Printing on arm

Guests can even draw a design on our tattoo tablet and have it printed as a tattoo in less than a minute.

Amazingly, it takes only seconds to print. Guests no longer have to wait in long lines for their temporary tattoos.

Custom Tattoo

Tattoos can be either our designs or your event logo or branding. Guests can have a choice of designs to select from. Digital tattoos are quick and painless.

Tattoo Sign

Tattoos are waterproof, will last 1-3 days, wash off with soap and water and are made from certified cosmetically safe ingredients.

Arm tattoo

All the fun of a tattoo without the pain!ll

Tattoo Stars
I heart AB
3D Logo
Dragon Tattoo
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