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Flip Books are a great and fun way to bring your parties to life. How? We invite guests to make a short video with props and fun signs. They can dance, hold up signs, blow kisses and just be themselves.

In about two minutes, we turn the video into a personalized PHOTO QUALITY flip book. A buzz is created as your guests watch each other and come up with new ideas for the videos.

Flip Book Printers

Each Flip Book Photo Booth comes with a variety of unique hand signs to add to the fun.

Flip Book Photo Booth Setup

Flip Books are versatile enough to fit into any party setting, from casual to black tie. It's that simple.


Your guests will have a customized branded keepsake that will brighten their day for years.

Flip Books
Anderson Ranch Ars Center

Multiple printers allow for quick delivery of finished flipbooks to your guests,

"Fun Flips was a hit at our party. It was something that people from all ages could enjoy, we had people from 4-60 years old making flip books. It was fun and gave everyone a special party favor to take home with them. I would recommend Fun Flips for any party!"

Melissa Graham, Bride, Denver, CO

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