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Spin art is a fun, interactive activity for any corporate event, mitzvah, picnic, carnival or really any special event.

Spin Art Vinyl Records

Spin art records are great for music or decades themed parties.

All records are dried on the spot and placed in heavy duty LP bags for safekeeping.

Completed Spin Art Masterpiece
Completed Spin Art LP Records

Spin Art Frisbees

Spin Art Frisbees are not only fun to decorate, but will be used many times over after your event.

Spin Art Frisbees 2.jpg
Completed Spin Art Frisbee
Spin Art Frisbees

Spin Art Slotted Sunshades

Guests choose a sunshade color and proceed to add their favorite colors making for a fun takeaway!

Spin art glasses
Double the Fun!
Spin Art Sunshade
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