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  • Murray Englander

Live Photographer Station vs Photo Booth

A Custom Look Events has been providing live photographer photo stations as well as photo booths for over 30 years. While both offer great guest experiences, the final "take away" can be be dramatically different.

With a photo booth, the camera is set up using a wide angle, since zooming in and out is pretty difficult with the "camera in a box". This works great for group shots, but there can be a lot of dead space when only a few of people are taking photos. In addition, if the guests are standing off center or blocking a key element in a green screen background, the resulting photo will suffer.

A live photographer can zoom in or out to frame the guests perfectly. In addition, our software allows us to move the guests right or left, up or down, even after the picture is taken, again for perfect composition.

Finally, a live photographer is able to make green screen adjustments on the fly to prevent disappearing bodies when a guest is wearing green in the photo. Our next blog will discuss some additional benefits a live photographer station can add to your photo experience . Confused which system would be best for your event? Give us a call at 303.745.2224 to discuss the options!

Group Photo

Couple on Bench

Results after zooming in by live photographer.

Original green screen photo.

Live photographer adjustments to the left.

Final results after live photographer green screen adjustments.

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