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  • Murray Englander

5 Tips for a Better Virtual Photo Booth Experience

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Smartphone with Virtual Photo Booth
Smartphone showing our Virtual Photo Booth

Since April, we have been been providing Virtual Photo Booths for clients around the world with thousands of photos taken. Some events have been huge and some were for a smaller audience. In general, these five tips can be applied to all:

  • 1: Encourage your guests to use their smartphones instead of a computer webcam. Camera resolutions keep improving with each new smartphone model rivaling that of DSLR cameras. The best way to achieve this is by posting a QR code graphic during the event for guests to point their cameras at.

QR Code Graphic
  • 2: Offer several fun virtual photo experiences such as Photos, GIFs and Boomerangs, instead of just one. Let your guests "own" their experience.

Virtual Photo Booth Boomerang
Having Fun with Boomerangs
  • 3: Along with offering multiple photo experiences, offer choices of overlays and backgrounds. Let your guests design their experience.

Multiple Virtual Photo Booth Overlays
Offer Several Overlay Options
  • 4: Include the ability to add other people to the main photo (photo avatars). We have seen some incredibly creative results using avatars.

Guests get creative with Photo Avatars
Photo Avatars
  • 5: Offer prizes for the best photo or random prizes for using your virtual photo booth. The events with the largest guest participation have been when prizes have been awarded. Use a Scratch & Win mode for random winners or ask guests to upload to social media with a hashtag and you decide the winner.

Virtual Photo Booths have proven to be both popular and a great way to add a bit of fun to any event. These five tips will help make it an even better experience.


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