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  • Murray Englander

Eight tips to look better in virtual meetings.

Covid19 pandemic has changed how must of us communicate with friends and clients, Some of us may even be classified as living on zoom. Here are eight tips to project a more professional image.

1-Choose a location without backlighting. When you have a bright light source behind you (window, etc) it fools the camera into thinking the scene is brighter than it actually is and darkens the subject (you). If you have a window, try closing the blinds.

2-Try to be on the same level as the camera. Get your camera (computer or phone) on about the same plane as your face. Not only does it cut out chin and nostril shots, but it gives the audience your eye contact and more facial expression.

3-Make eye contact. Remember when talking, if you want to make eye contact with the camera, looking at your screen won't do've have to look at the camera.

4-Remove distractions. Most don't all have the advantage of a movie set background. Turn off ceiling fans etc if they will show in your scene.

5. Cut down on the background noise. Mute your microphone when not talking (I'm guilty of this). It's especially bad in a group of more than 3-4 people.

6. Earbuds or a headset. This will cut down on feedback.

7. Consider a better microphone! The impact of the pandemic is that virtual meetings will be here for a long time. We are all going to be communicating differently for some time to come. Rode Podcast and Yeti mics are among many that are available.

8. Smile more! 


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