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Using a combination of AI and Sketchbot robotics, guests portraits are drawn, on the spot, for truly memorable keepsakes.

Our Sketchbot software creates incredible artistic portraits, in under a minute!

When the robotic arms are not in use, they dance in unison to the amusements of guests.

Multiple SketchBots can easily accommodate large events.

Guests love watching and filming our SketchBot robots in action.

AI Sketcbot sketching
Tradeshow Setup
Sketcbots in action

With our text/email option, guests also receive a branded digital sketch via a custom microsite,

Skeycbot Sharing Station

Each sketched portrait is drawn on photo quality paper with your brand's logo or event theme. Truly a memorable keepsake.

SketchBot Customer
MPI SketchBot
Fundraiser Event
Tradeshow Sketch
Conference Party

Fantastic crowd stopper!

Guests are intrigued about robotic sketching and will line up to get their AI powered artistic rendering. Perfect for tradeshows!

Tradeshow Trio
Tradeshow Duo
Tradeshow Single

"Just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you so much for your services at BIO last week. You went above and beyond what was expected, and I am very appreciative of your partnership, dedication, positive attitude, and hard work!"

Sabrina, SketchBot Tradeshow Client


Guests can embellish their art with markers, making this the ultimate fun, interactive experience.

Conference Party
Two Girls
Corporate Conference
Industry Metup
Sketchbot Fun
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